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The Quiet Room:  Whilst we do our best to have a quiet zone / room located in a quiet space, we cannot guarantee quiet.  We have located them in the best places possible given the venue restrictions and regulations.  The success of the Shows depends on people turning up so please expect there to be crowds.

Refreshments:  At all venues we have to use the in-house caterers. We have had feedback that there isn’t much choice and it can be expensive, so please be aware and make alternative arrangements and /or bring your own refreshments for the day

Weekdays: We often get asked why aren’t the shows on a weekend. All the shows are on a Friday and while we did aim to plan the Shows over a Friday and Saturday, after an extensive survey of those that exhibit and attend the shows plus our online surveys, it was evident that while there is some need for this, the over whelming response was that it should be just on a Friday. We would have loved to extend the shows to a Saturday too, but that would have meant so much more cost and expense for the exhibitors and they didn’t want a 2-day event and preferred a weekday. Without the stall holders we don’t have an exhibition. We will continue to keep reviewing this after each show to see what is wanted.

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