The Autism directory CHARITY

The Autism Directory is a registered charity supporting the autism community across the UK.

The charity provide a number of services, including

  • The Autism Directory – an online resource listing over 5000 organisations that provide help and support across the UK. This can be found at
  • A Help Line – support at the end of the phone (Mon – Fri, 9am to 5pm) with all sorts of challenges you may be facing from benefits, PIP, getting a diagnosis, employment support and more. Our number is 01443 844764.
  • Employment Programs – currently working with the Job Centres we provide training and support to adults on the spectrum to help them get into work, and provide the right support at work for them to succeed. This is currently in SE Wales only.
  • Training for organisations in Autism Awareness, Understanding and also workplace assessments to provide a better experience for both staff and customers on the spectrum.
  • The Autism Directory LIVE shows – annual events bringing those that provide help and support face to face with the autism community. Currently in North and South Wales only.
  • Other support includes running parent support groups in Caerphilly, social groups in RCT, and being out and about in the community with our ‘Information Stations’ at local stores.

Our charity website is at where you can find out more about us. We are always looking for volunteers and any help we can get to help others living with autism.

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